Madame Nefaria's Boutique

Madame Nefaria's Boutique
Madame Nefaria's Boutique

When four lifelong friends hit Las Vegas for a bachelorette party, they bravely venture into a store known as Madame Nefaria’s Boutique and Delicates. They’re immediately amazed. It’s filled with the most bizarre and collective assortment of intimate items, each more strange than the last. But it isn’t until the friends are introduced to the back of the store by the owner herself that things start to get truly peculiar. Left alone, the women decidedly misbehave and start experimenting with forbidden outfits and merchandise, physically transforming them. Needless to say, it’s a night out that none of them will ever forget.

Tags: pleasure, clothing fetish, furry, lactation, breast expansion, ass expansion, multi-breasts, height growth, muscle growth, penis growth, futa, transformation, corruption, nerdy girl, monster girl, tentacles, lamia, multi-arm, multiple transformations

Released April 16, 2019
15 pages + cover
Story by Andrew Jex
Artwork by Bokuman

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