Lost in the Woods 6

Lost in the Woods 6
Lost in the Woods 6

With the faerie queen Maelyss summoned and bound, our heroines are finally freed from her wicked magic. Stripped of their faerie forms, they try to put their grievances aside and find a way out of the woods - but a sudden betrayal forces the magic right back onto them!

Tags: transformation, TF undone, multiple transformations, faery, fey, pixies, female muscle, shrinking, shrunken woman, faun TF, pig transformation, cat transformation, fox TF, dryad TF, personality change, mind control, mental TF, corruption, fantasy, magic

Released November 16, 2023
15 pages + cover
Story by Giddeon Storm
Artwork by Bokuman
This issue is part of the Lost in the Woods series.

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