Lost in the Woods 8

Lost in the Woods 8
Lost in the Woods 8

The spell that summoned the faerie queen freed Caylera Dawnsinger from her grasp. She has made a run for it, and found her way back to the sacred monastery of her order of paladins. She urges her comrades to move against Queen Maelyss before it’s too late, and her sisters are eager to help. But eagerness can be dangerous, especially when dealing with the fae...

Tags: transformation, multiple transformations, animal transformation, cow transformation, fantasy, pleasure, clothes ripping, breast expansion, ass expansion, weight gain, weight loss, personality change, mind control, mental TF, faery, fey, enchantment, magic

Set to release on August 16, 2024
15 pages + cover
Story by Giddeon Storm
Artwork by Bokuman
This issue is part of the Lost in the Woods series.

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