Lost in the Dungeon

Lost in the Dungeon
Lost in the Dungeon

An experienced group of adventurers has tracked down Elandris, the faerie princess, on their quest to put an end to the faerie menace once and for all! Unfortunately, she turns out to be more powerful than they had expected. So, they settle for a deal. If the adventurers can make it through her dungeon of riddles and puzzles, Elandris will answer all of their questions. And, as a bonus, they can keep everything that they find within the dungeons. However, while the adventurers are thinking of loot, their faerie foe has something else in mind...

Tags: transformation, troll TF, racoon TF, multiple transformations, growth, height increase, female muscle, muscle growth, personality change, mental TF, mind control, fantasy, breast expansion, ass expansion, faeries, fey, lesbian, TF undone, sex, magic

Set to release on September 02, 2024
15 pages + cover
Story by Giddeon Storm
Artwork by Bokuman

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