Doc Brass

Doc Brass
Doc Brass

Dr. Emilia Brasselton is an intrepid explorer leading a team deep into the wilds of South America, hoping to find a lost civilization that has eluded searchers for decades. However, the brilliance of the ancients who built this buried city may take a toll on the forms of the treasure hunters. By the time they leave, they'll know that all that glitters is not gold--if they can leave at all...

Tags: breast expansion, snake TF, hourglass expansion, jaguar TF, amazon TF, height increase, female muscle, muscle growth, petrification, gender bender, flattening, multiple transformations, magic

Released December 16, 2019
16 pages + cover
Story by Loquacious Jango
Artwork by Altercomics-Giribaldi
This issue is part of the Doc Brass series.

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