"Volunteering" at the Fertility Clinic

Rosa had been in the fertility clinic for another round of treatments to help her conceive. Her wife, Clarissa had been running late that day, and maybe if she'd been there with Rosa, things might've turned out differently.

Rosa would never know.

What she did know is that her doctor said they wouldn't be treating her anymore; that there was no point now. The clinic had been expanding, and not only did they need more equipment, but Rosa was a type that donors had been requesting.

Hospitals and clinics like this one were considered important enough to the public good that they had the authority to repurpose virtually anyone at will, with practically no checks. As the staff was about to drag Rosa away to their Repurposing Surgeons, her doctor told her, "I hope there's no hard feelings. You should hold onto the knowledge that even though you won't be having children of your own, you'll be helping other people like yourself."

The Repurposing Surgeons worked fast and, only a couple of days later, Rosa was permanently installed in one of the collection rooms as one of the clinic's special fuckable collection machines.

Clarissa was heartbroken, but there was nothing to be done. There wasn't enough of Rosa’s old human body left that would be able to keep her alive even if they could reverse the process. No, Rosa would be milking cocks for the rest of her life, no matter what she, Clarissa, or anyone else wanted.

Clarissa would soon attempt to sue the hospital for custody of Rosa, although this would ensure that, afterwards, they were never far from each other again. She lost the suit, and, unable to pay the court fees, was ordered by the court to be repurposed by the clinic as well; she became an automated surrogate station. Ironically, she never wanted to be pregnant herself, but from then on she would have nothing but opportunities to get over that aversion…

Story by plumpbunny
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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