The Mirror

The antique mirror which was your late great aunt's

Stands before you and plants, an image in your head

A frozen image of a woman not unlike yourself but with white pupils

Without an iris, just a spot, a dot of ink on a page.

The image shimmers until all you can see is you again although you are feeling strange.

But you look again and your eyes have turned

White, your body your frame is racked with pain

As you feel nails break and black claws burst free of cuticles

You lose your balance and fall grabbing your stomach

You don't know what's happening and you're terrified not just flummoxed

Panic sets in as skin and bone crack

Metamorphosis is not holding back

As your feet and talons burst through your dainty high heels

To reveal huge hideous monster toes and claws on show

Your legs are growing too not showing signs of slowing either

As your breaths become more and more sudden

You roll about the floor

Your clothes tear at the seams

You're becoming a monster like in those horror movie scenes

Legs break and bend like an animal on tip toes

Your back arches and cracks as your spine shows

Then your spine extends as you scream

A tail has formed writhing and waggling out of control

Animal instincts start to take over your soul

Horns sprout from your skull's temple

As your screams become mental

Your teeth grow sharp your tongue extends

Your face becomes a muzzle you growl

You can smell every scent in the air

As your knickers tear

You howl a lustful howl as hairs stand on end and grow into fur as you roar a beastly roar

Cursed you want more

Flesh lust and craving

No one will save your beastly self

We are all meat to you on a consumer's shelf.

Story by Werebear
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (5001x7483)

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