Punk Rats

"Now look what years of bullying has brought you," Carrie said as she looked down at the three band members. "You should have been kinder to your roadie, especially one who knows about magical potions."

Carrie lifted Ally, the lead singer, by her new rat tail. "I think this new form suits the famous Punk Rats much better." Carrie pointed to Marie, the bass player, who had already completely transformed into a rat.

"You did that?" stammered Ally.

"Maybe I would have been kinder if you'd just canceled my contract instead of threatening me that if I left I'd never find a roadie-job again. But this is fine too. I enjoyed watching you guys shrink during rehearsal. You didn't realize what was going on until you couldn't lift your instruments and started growing tails." Carrie laughed heartily. She looked down to the third member of the band. "Forget it Liv. You can't unlock your phone with your paws to call for help anymore"

Ally blushed in anger and started yelling at Carrie. "Listen you ungrateful brat. You'll put me down right now and transform us back! Or I'll kick your stupid bi...squeee..."

Ally looked up in horror and clapped her hands over her mouth. She had lost her human voice. All attempts to speak ended in more squeaks while her body transformed even further. Carrie laughed even harder.

"How ironic, the famous singer can only squeak. But don't worry, I'll continue to take good care of you. Let's see, if you're good, maybe we can tour the country with a dressage number. Otherwise I might decide to keep you as breeding rats."

Story by callrudy
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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