Are you feeling down? Feeling sad? That you're stuck in a rut? Do you feel tired, fatigued, or stressed? Is your sex life not how you remember it? Then try WONDER-X, the new super-drug from Elaxa, available world-wide! Wonder-X is a multi-purpose medicine that will change your life! Through gene-splicing and targeted chemical research, we have developed the ultimate dietary and life supplement! It is commercially available across the counter, and recommended by every doctor that has ever tried it! Immediate results guaranteed!

Elaxa. For a well-rounded life.

(Wonder-X does not lead to pig-like transformations and/or behavior. Any such claims are unfounded and do not have any merit in a scientific debate. Elaxa Inc. refuses to comment on reports of Wonder-X users growing tails and/or snouts and starting to snort/grunt/squeal. Weight gain is not a side effect of Wonder-X. Other side effects may include increased appetite, swift and massive weight gain, decreased inhibitions, increased libido, sweating, cravings, collapse of the nose bridge, increased nose size, tail-like protrusion in the lower back, deformation of fingers and toes. Side Effects may or may not be irreversible, and Wonder-X may or may not be transmittable through bodily fluids. Wonder-X may or may not be addictive. Elaxa Inc. is not responsible for anything. Your results may vary.)

Story by Giddeon Storm
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (5100x3300)

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