Queen Midas was truly blessed. When she wished for everything she touched to turn to gold, she never thought it would actually be granted...

And yet, now almost everything in her palace was pure and eternal gold. At first, she'd wondered if she had made a mistake when she tried to eat her dinner that night, only for the meal to become inedible glittering wealth.

But, asking a slave girl to simply drop food into her mouth solved that problem, since only her hands ushered objects into resplendent eternity.

Unfortunately, for the poor slave girl, Midas had forgotten about her new gift when she stroked the young woman's thigh affectionately in thanks.

A lesser woman would have become terrified at the consequences of such a little touch, but Midas had only grown aroused and hungry for more. She had always preferred the company of women in the bedroom- their forms were far more lovely in her opinion- and seeing one of her gorgeous servants rendered in such perfection awakened a hunger within her.

Soon, her palace was filled with golden statues of young and beautiful women. She sought each and every one of them out and delivered her gift of eternal beauty to them all, without regard for who would help her once all of her lovely servants were ornaments.

Once the last woman was gold, Queen Midas realized she had worked up a hunger of a different, but related kind, and decided that it was time for her fingers to explore her own hungry flesh.

It was only as she felt a chill run through her body, followed by a terrifying numbness to sensation in the same areas, did she realize that she had perhaps made a terrible mistake. Though moments later, she gave no thought to that, or anything else, as another final golden statue was added to the silent gallery of the palace of Queen Midas.

Story by Amberbub
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (7483x5001)

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