Officer O'Neil meets the Faerie Queen

Officers Jessica O'Neil and Megan Simmons nervously made their way through the dark underbrush of the forest, guns clutched tightly in hand. They had been investigating the missing persons case for several weeks with no leads, until someone reported some suspicious activity coming from the nearby nature preserve. Desperate for anything that could break the case wide open, Jessica and Megan decided to investigate, even though Megan loudly proclaimed several times that it was likely a waste of time.

They didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't the mysterious woman with the pointy ears, antlers, and glowing eyes. They didn't even hear her until she was right behind them.

Megan was the first to react. “Freeze!” she cried out, aiming her gun. “On the ground now, freak!”

But the mysterious woman only smiled, her eyes glowing brighter. “Two more souls come to do me harm,” she purred in a soft, melodic voice, “with manners more befitting a farm.”

“What the fuck are you rambling about?” Megan snarled angrily, but as she spoke her gun wavered in her hand. “If you don't get down now, I'm going to pull the trigger.”

The mysterious woman approached her, hand reaching out to stroke Megan's cheek. “Such fire, such anger. Why, I never! Calm yourself, my lovely heifer.”

“Whuh what did you... uh...” Megan stammered, her eyelids fluttering. “Ohhhh, I f-feel strange.”

Jessica watched in shock as her partner dropped her weapon, running a hand along her body. As Megan did so, her body seemed to be changing ever so slightly, growing thicker... more animalistic... “What's... what's happening to mooo...” Megan moaned, her uniform beginning to tear beneath her growing body. “Fuh feels gooood...”

“Megan!” cried Jessica. “Something's happening to you! Snap out of it!”

“Your turn now, miss O'Neil,” said the mysterious woman, now approaching her. “Let me hear you oink and squeal, while before your very eyes, your body grows and swells in size.”

“Reeee!” Jess let out a surprised squeal as a wave of heat washed over her body. She felt so dizzy, so uncomfortable, her uniform so tight on her body. She dropped her own weapon, clutching her gurgling stomach. “S-stop! Groinnk!”

“Come now, piggy, don't distress. Heed the voice of your mistress.” The mysterious woman reached out and stroked Jessica's hair behind her ears. As she did so, Jessica found herself giving small involuntary grunts of pleasure. It felt so good to have mistress stroke her like that. “Let your worries go. Don't fret. I take the best care of my pet.” She glanced over at Jessica's partner, who was currently rubbing her swollen breasts, lost in pleasure as she grew more bovine by the second. “I'll see to it she has plenty of cud, while you'll be happy,” and here she turned back to Jessica and let out a wide grin, her eyes glowing brighter than ever, “as a pig in mud.”

Story by b-ridge
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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