Majin Four

In an alternate timeline, Majin Buu was an intergalactic threat-a being of science and sorcery. With Majin Buu’s ability to turn anything into candy, it was one of his greatest techniques, which ultimately became his downfall. Bulma had invented a super mirror to reflect it right back at him, turning him into a chocolate bar. With Majin Buu taken out easily, his rescuers were dispatched just as easily, and the once mighty Majin Buu was destroyed.

...or so the Z-Fighters thought, as Majin Buu made his way to Bulma’s lab in hopes of reversing this situation. But the problem was it took nearly 3 months. As Majin Buu hopped his way to Capsule Corp, he had found the mirror inside Bulma’s workshop, but due to fatigue had rested on Bulma’s table for a quick nap.

Bulma had just arrived in her workshop to tinker when she heard a doorbell and found Chi-chi, Videl, and Android 18 outside. As they had come together to have brunch and talk, she invited them inside. They had a big feast. With the exception of Android 18, who didn’t really need to eat unless she wanted to, they were full and talked until Bulma found a chocolate bar on her workshop table. She cut it into four pieces and gave them to the others as she swallowed the last one.

As they began to talk again, they felt a little bloated as their bodies absorbed the Majin chocolate. Soon a sharp pain had erupted in their stomachs as they fell to their knees. Their bodies felt like they were on fire. As their bellies turned pink and spread throughout their bodies, they changed slowly in appearance. Their eyes became black and red, their hair became whiteish pink, and clothes changed to resemble Majin Buu’s. Losing whatever humanity they had left, the four loved their new bodies and were now stronger than ever... and were very hungry.

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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