Last Supper

When Kat invited Steve over to her house, he thought he’d finally managed to seduce her and get lucky. When she opened the door dressed in skimpy lingerie, he knew he was in for a treat. She’d insisted on eating dinner first, and with the spread that she’d put together for him, he didn’t argue for a second.

As he started eating, he noticed that his pants felt tighter than they should, but she just giggled and poked at his growing pooch, saying that she thought he was becoming an adorable little piggy. When his belly had grown to the point that he popped the button off his jeans, he briefly came to his senses and realized something was wrong, but then she put her hand between his legs and told him to be a good piggy and keep eating and she’d continue.

As she jacked him off, his changes only accelerated, with a snout, floppy ears, a tail, and pink skin appearing in rapid succession. Steve, too lost in the ecstasy of the moment to realize what was happening to him, probably wouldn’t have cared if he did.

As he finished he let out a loud squeal as she continued to laugh, then promptly pushed his fattened frame onto the floor where he belonged.

Story by Chico3901
Artwork by Salo, Ruben Curto

High resolution (2748x4200)

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