Into the Multiverse of Bimbohood

While exploring the multiverse and searching for a way to undo the damage done to him by his own actions and the actions of others, Doctor Strange became aware of the existence of something that might have the power to help him.

It carries the signature of an infinity stone but was seemingly much more powerful than one. Following its energy signature into another dimension, he was dismayed to find a world not unlike his own but devoid of any sign of human life.

Within the long-abandoned streets of that world’s New York city, he found it; in a room within the Baxter building, amid the crumbled remains of what must have been a machine built by Mr. Fantastic, but clearly not by him alone. Runes and other mythical artifacts spread all over the dusty remains of machines and furniture, making the presence of someone with knowledge of the mystic arts.

Not being able to find any information’s about what had happened to this world, Strange took a dark stone from the machine, with him and returned to his own world and sanctum. There he placed the stone on a pedestal. Using some simple scrying spells, he was able to gain some knowledge of the stone’s origin. It was not a real infinity stone but something more; the result of the merging of, at least, two of infinity stones with a third one of unknown origin. Having his curiosity spiked, the good doctor began to apply more protective spells and artifacts on the room including a shimmering forcefield, that will keep anybody and anything outside out and inside.

Normally, this wouldn’t have been such a bad idea but unbeknownst to him, those responsible for this artifact’s origin had a similar idea and it ended horribly.

While pushing his magical awareness further and further into the stone, he received a glimpse of what had happened back at the other dimension. Images in his mind became sharper and clearer as he saw his other self among them; using machines and magic on the stone and with this sight came a realization. One that made him rethink his actions, but it was too late.

The moment he drew his awareness away from the stone, it starts to glow; projecting an unusual aura around the room that began to push against his forcefield. Noticing it, Strange tried to end his inspection and put the stone back to inactivity but, to his shock, found himself unable to do so. No matter what spell he used, the shimmer didn’t weaken but continued to grow brighter and began to affect him; making him feel odd yet pleasant sensations within his body and through his mind.

New thoughts and images began to pop up inside his head; rather naughty, lewd ones. Shaking his head, he tried to clear his mind but, as before, it didn’t work. Anything he tried to do, only made it worse and the thoughts, sensations as well as the sones light get stronger and stronger. The weird glow was already spreading through the rest of the sanctum and yet, all this was going mostly unnoticed by anybody walking past the old mansion.

Only one rather unique but well-known inhabitant of New York sensed something was off. Alarmed by his unique senses as he was swinging by Peter Parker, better known as The Sensational Spider-Man, approached the Sanctum Sanctorum with a sense of worry and caution. Finding an open window, he sneaked into the building, to see if everything was fine with the Master of the Mystic Arts.

He soon found out that wasn’t the case, as he followed the odd pinkish glow covering almost everything in the vast building. It leads him straight to the chamber where Doctor Strange was fighting a losing battle in the, now, brightly lit chamber. The shine of the stone had reached blinding intensity, and, in a moment, the room was flooded by a blinding light followed by a vast outburst of energy that shatters not only the shimmering forcefield but almost everything in its path, sending Spider-Man flying backwards against the opposite wall.

When Peter regains consciousness, he rushed over the crumbled remains of the door and into the chamber from where he heard Doctor Strange’s voice. It sounded different, but before he could register that fact a wave of energy hit him. He did his best to push past the wave as well as the odd itching sensation is caused within his head, hips, and chest. Stepping into the chamber he found himself gaping in confusion and awe.

The stone was no longer resting on the pedestal but floating in the air. Directly below the stone was a female body; wearing the scuffed clothes of Doctor Strange, it implied that it was once the Doctor’s body, but that wasn’t quite the case anymore. It wasn’t really his body or his mind anymore. The body, like the stone, was floating in the air of the room still clearly possessed great powers and the abilities to use it, just in different ways and with very different reasons than before.

The incredible curvy woman the doctor has changed into looked like a bombshell; a slightly stereotypical, if not overly so, bimbo. This includes the thoughts, desires, and needs that were floating around within the void of her, formerly vastly educated, mind. All the black-haired sex goddess was able and willing to think of was to have fun and to spread it. To let others, experience and feel the joy she feels… The never-ending sensual and sexual joy of thoughtless and worry-free Bimbohood. That thought instigated a burst of power within her body, causing rapid and very intense growth within specific parts of her body; growth that was too much for her already stressed clothes and they ripped apart leaving her almost naked; save for her trusty cloak and some shreds hanging around her waist, hips and shoulders.

Peter, still greatly alarmed by his Spider-Sense was not at all prepared for what he saw. Instead of the familiar sight of an almost-aristocratic, bearded guy, he was staring at an unfamiliar but incredibly curvy, almost naked woman who was smiling, staring at him with a glowing and floating stone right above her, in the middle of the room.

“Steven…? Is that you…? Why are you so… Wait…”, Peter started to speak before pausing, hearing the higher, softer tone of his voice, “My voice… it… What the…?” His spider sense was running amok as he tried to make sense of the situation.

The former Master of the Mystic Arts turned to him with a very happy smile on her full lips and instantly began to create runes with her hands. The next moment beautiful, pink tendrils of energy shot out of the ground, wrapping around Spider-Man’s wrists, ankles, and waist; completely immobilizing him, as his body continued to change.

Whatever magic the former doctor was using, was accelerating Peter’s own transformation into a similar female body, with a mind to match her. Like the doctor, Peter tried to resist and struggle against the magical bids and the new, arousing thoughts forming in his simplifying mind, but he was no match for the combined power of the stone and the, new, Mistress of Bimbo Magic. What will happen next? Will this version of Earth end up like its sister in this other universe; adding it to the multiverse of Bimbo Earths? What about our own Earth? Is it save… Or not?

Story by apokol
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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