Human Beings

Humans are complex animals. Put three people into the same situation and you will have three wildly different responses. For example, clowns elicit a wide array of responses that range from laughter to annoyance to even fear. Various factors contribute to this; relationships, past traumas, and genetics all decide how one would react to particular stimuli. These three women, as different as they are, share one thing: they are werewolves. Their bodies are ravaged by a horrible transformation every month, as their forms shift from human to animal. The experience of the transformation is the same for each of them, pain and screaming until they experience the loss of their rational selves. The next morning, they will be naked and lying in whatever strange place their animal instincts have lead them.

Erin, the youngest werewolf, feels nothing but anger and despair when she transforms. She hates the monstrous paws that her hands and feet painfully stretch into. She hates that she has to know the feeling of her fangs piercing her gums like knives, filling her mouth as she cries helplessly. She wonders why she has to endure the torment and humiliation of a tail inching out of her backside, marking her as the wild animal she is becoming.

Sally isn’t fond of her transformation, but she has come to accept it. Sally was once a ghost, and if she had to pick between being an unfeeling spirit or a bloodthirsty werewolf, she would pick the werewolf every time. She was thankful for the transformation in ways the other two would never understand. The pain of her bones breaking and reforming into the powerful limbs of a beast made her thankful that she could feel anything at all. Falling to all fours as her body became too heavy to remain upright was just a reminder that she was again at the mercy of gravity. Her screams deforming into howls as her face stretched into a canine muzzle makes her feel relieved, because it means that someone, anyone, can hear her.

Nora has an addictive personality... and nothing is more addictive than power. The change from woman to wolf hurt, but she loved the power her new form gave her. She would never admit it to the other two, but she looked forward to the full moon. It was the one time of the month she could relax and truly be her best self. She loved the hard, ivory claws that extended painfully from her fingertips. They would be useful for hunting prey. The prickling feeling of coarse, blonde fur growing on her body excited her, because she knew it would soon be matted with blood. She loved the darkness of pure animal instinct that began to set in over her mind as her transformation came to an end, freeing her from the prison of rational thought and humanity.

Three women, three monsters, but all the same beast.

Story by LordDH
Artwork by MisterEye

High resolution (3407x4750)

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