A Misadventure in Mischief Woods

Little did they know, the hike through Mischief Woods would soon take a turn for the worse as they heard a sinister cackle and upon looking up, found a shadowy figure descending upon them through the leafy canopy.

Thomas, Lyla, Crystal and Tiffany gasp loudly, staring in disbelief as they make out a feminine figure dressed in dark robes and riding a broom. The strange woman hovered in circles above them, eyeing them with sinister interest, almost like a vulture circling its prey.

“My, my….what have we here? Trespassers!” calls out the Witch, grinning widely as she examines the group.

“No! We’re not…um...trespassing…we’re just hiking though here” interjects Thomas, cautiously taking a few steps backward as the strange-looking woman whom he could only assume to be a witch, made her way closer.

“We should go!” shouts Crystal, tugging Thomas’s bag pack and signalling Tiffany and Lyla to turn and run.

“Tsk tsk, silly mortals, thinking you can just waltz into my domain and leave?! I ought to teach you peasants a lesson! Hahaha….TRANSFORM!!! Turn into the lowly animals you are!” announces the Witch as she sends a spell hurtling towards the group.

Tiffany feels an invisible force hit her in the chest as her body goes numb, causing her to drop her things and fall to her knees. Immediately a rush of intense heat engulfs her body followed by a prickly sensation spreading fast across her skin. She screams in surprise, scratching her arm and body instinctively but the itch only gets worse! The itching sensation intensifies at the sides of her face, on her body and legs as she feels small hairs sprouting from her skin. The bones in her jaw begin to shift as her mouth begins pushing out into a small muzzle. Curiously feeling her facial changes with her hands, Tiffany begins to panic as she feels fur on the sides of her face and her ears are growing larger and rounder.

“Uhggh...soo itchy!!” groans Tiffany as she tears at her clothes, unbuttoning her shirt and looking down to notice brown fur sprouting at her cleavage. Her breasts seemingly larger now and her nipples sensitive as she paws at her itchy chest and tries to loosen her bra. She soon turns her attention to her ass, scratching her bum intensely as a furry appendage bursts forth from the base of her spine.

“Hooo!! Ahh-AHH! Heee, Eee, Eee!” hollers Tiffany, letting out a sudden outburst of bestial laughter as she absent-mindedly scratches her armpit with one arm as well as the top of her head with the other. It takes a few moments for her to realize what she is doing as she fights to regain control of her actions and immediately clasps her mouth shut with her hands, feeling surprised and embarrassed at her own silly behavior.

“This can’t be happening….I don’t want to become a monkey…” whines Tiffany as another wave of intense itchiness hits her. This time in her crotch. “Eee…AHH-AH-AH! No-OOK! Not there…” moans Tiffany in a shaky voice as she hastily unbuttons her pants and stuffs a transformed hand down her panties to sate the itch between her legs whilst squeezing her breast with the other. Pleasure shoots Tiffany’s body as she as soon as her fingertips touch and scratch her moist pussy lips, causing her to spasm and moan with animalistic need, this raw intensity was nothing she ever felt before and as much as it sickened her to admit it…..the pleasure felt so good.

“Must…get away…Eeek! EEK! Noo…what’s happening to me?!” shrieks Thomas as he falls onto all fours and tries to run away. “What the hell?!” he exclaims as he notices he has difficulty getting back on his feet and instead scampers away, causing his loose clothes to fall off his body. But that’s the least of his problems as he immediately catches a distinct musky scent in the air and instantly gets a hard on. Thomas stops just shy of scampering up the nearest tree as he turns around to find his female friends transforming and scratching themselves obscenely.

Lyla was almost fully transformed into a monkey-like woman and busy pleasuring herself in full view of the others whilst screeching unintelligibly with a look of wanton lust on her face.

“Look at this dirty animal! HAHAHA! Throwing away her humanity so easily….” sniggers the witch as she leans in close to Lyla and strokes her beautiful hair. “Your friends are watching…you like the attention? Go on! That’s it…you’re not human anymore now are you?” whispers the witch into Lyla’s ear and corrupting her already feeble mind further.

“Ook! Ahh! Ah! Cum…must cum like...a…I’m a…mon--ke-EEK!”, hollers Lyla with her mind finally lost in bestial pleasure as she lifts up her transformed foot in a squat and diddles her transformed pussy, climaxing and squirting all over the grassy floor. The sight and scent drives Thomas into a frenzy as he strokes his hard monkey shaft. His human mind screams for him to stop but it’s too late. Thomas prances on all fours towards Crystal who had just flopped onto the ground, raising her ass and tail at Thomas and playfully wiggling it.

“Fuck…Thomas! Please….help, I need you…your cock…it smells so good….” pants Crystal as she rolls onto her back and spreads her legs, stroking her pussy sensually and beckoning Thomas to enter her.

All this while, Tiffany watches intently, starving off her own growing lust and desire to join in whilst swinging upside down from a tree branch. The witch’s gaze soon settles on her, eyeing Tiffany with interest.

“Hello there pretty monkey…still clinging on to what’s left of your human self I see! Hahaha”, sniggers the Witch as she approaches Tiffany and offers her a banana.

Tiffany instinctively grabs at the yellow fruit but as soon as she does, it turns into a collar with a leash and the collar magically flies to attach itself around her neck. “Eeeek!! Ah!! Ahh!” shrieks Tiffany in surprise, causing her large breasts to bounce from her chest.

“Come dearie….I’ll think I have use for you as a pet…but first…some training…” chuckles the Witch as she tugs on the leash and signals for Tiffany to follow. “Bye monkeys….enjoy your new lives in the trees!” giggles the Witch as she leaves the rutting trio to their own devices. Tiffany looks back solemnly whilst knuckle-walking after her new master, wondering about the new life ahead of her.

Story by AlphineCentury
Artwork by Celestin

High resolution (2480x3720)

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