The Bova Conspiracy

The Bova Conspiracy
The Bova Conspiracy

In the wake of a laboratory accident that results in a bio-chemical agent accidentally killing 98% of farm animals worldwide, Bell-Cudmore University student Abby Daniels receives a generous offer from a mysterious benefactor to become a lab rat for a harmless protein drug in exchange for enough money to pay off her student loan debt. Abby is unaware, however, that she will receive something far more radical than a simple protein drug...

Tags: transformation, animal transformation, cow transformation, hippo transformation, cat transformation, pig transformation, bunny transformation, tiger transformation, sheep transformation, weight gain, gender bender, multiple transformations, science

Released May 16, 2024
15 pages + cover
Story by The Wandering Talespinner
Artwork by Mad Max Duarte, Omar Vinole

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