Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold

Malcolm “Mal” Piglione is rich, handsome, intelligent, successful... and in the midst of a lengthy romantic dry spell. Tired of sleeping alone, he invests in a top-of-the-line fembot. Soon, “Galatea” is by his side during the day and keeping him warm at night. She’s so advanced, she can change her body into all kinds of appealing shapes and even experience realistic emotions! However, when Mal falls for a human woman, he’ll discover that Gal is also programmed for jealousy…

Tags: transformation, robot girl, fembot, robot transformation, gender bender, sex, breast expansion, height change, growth, shrinking, ass expansion, multiple transformations, science

Released November 16, 2018
15 pages + cover
Story by Cezar Nix
Artwork by Octo

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