Department of Useless Heroes 2

Department of Useless Heroes 2
Department of Useless Heroes 2

The Department of Unusual Heroes, aka the Department of USELESS Heroes (or "DUH"), have finally proven their worth. However, when they are confronted with a super-powered foe for the first time, team member Trainee suddenly runs wild and out of control. Can Doctor Rohrs, Footfall, and Scaly Sally both subdue the villain and aid their friend? And what is the secret of the transformation that created Trainee?

Tags: transformation, animal transformation, cat transformation, foot expansion, giant feet, foot stomp, inanimate TF, vehicle transformation, snake transformation, eel transformation, clothes ripping, nerdy girl, pleasure, superheroes

Released January 16, 2023
15 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by Altercomics-Andrestronik
This issue is part of the Department of Useless Heroes series.

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