Beastly Heart

Beastly Heart
Beastly Heart

It’s only the first day of Chloe’s junior college semester and she’s already looking forward to the end of it. Being the shy kid in the corner has always been her thing, so when she finds herself transforming into a dragon in the middle of biology 301, she does everything in her power to remain unnoticed and figure out what’s happening. No matter how hard she tries to convince herself that it’s only a dream, fate instead pushes her deeper into a world full of surreal new changes waiting around every corner...

Tags: transformation, lesbian, sex, female dominant, ass expansion, hip expansion, breast expansion, hair growth, clothing fetish, scalie, dragon transformation, dragon girl, monster girl, long tongue, height increase, female muscle, muscle growth, giantess

Released May 16, 2021
15 pages + cover
Story by DeLonge
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

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